5 Tips to Help With Chemotherapy Side Effects

Not everyone taking chemotherapy will experience the same side effects.  Here are some tips that helped me with some of the side effects I experienced.

1.  Eat a healthy breakfast thesmoothie-865632_1280 day you receive chemo.  I usually ate a veggie omelet and toast.  Oatmeal is another fave of mine, and I usually pair it with a hard boiled egg to get in some protein.

2.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – and I’m talking inside and out.  Chemotherapy dries out your skin, so I sugg
est starting a strong moisturizing routine prior to starting treatment.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this until late into my treatments.

3.  Your skin can become very delicate and sensitive during chemotherapy, like a newborn baby, especially your scalp (when you have lost your hair).  Try using an organic baby body shampoo when showering.  I got mine at the drug store – you don’t have to spend alot of money.  I also switched my face soap to Cetaphil. As I stated in my 6 Side Effects of Chemotherapy post, my face and chest became extremely flushed for several days immediately after treatment.  Using a cleanser for sensitive skin helped calm the redness.

4.  I experienced a strong metallic taste in my mouth, water-686917_1280and indulging in popsicles really helped.  Water was totally unappealling to me because of this taste, but I found
that adding plenty of lemon to the water made it more palpable.  Iced green tea with lemon became my go-to beverage.

5.  If you can afford to do so, I suggest purchasing a wig, or wigs, to wear after you have lost your hair.  They will help make you feel more “normal” and less like a cancer patient, and will keep your head warm to boot!  Go wig shopping before you start your treatments, as you may feel uncomfortable revealing your bald head to everyone in the shop. You’ll also be less distracted and have more fun trying them on.  Why not experiment with a totally different style or color?  Remember, it’s only temporary.

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