Welcome to Fit After Breast Cancer!  My name is Gayle and I created this blog to provide anyone who has been touched by breast cancer with information on how to get or stay healthy before, during and after a diagnosis.  As a certified personal trainer and breast cancer survivor, I am eager to share my professional knowledge and personal experiences to help you feel happy and strong in mind, body and spirit! 

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in May 2013.  After surgery, reconstruction, and chemotherapy, I am now celebrating two years cancer free.  I credit being blessed with good luck, catching the cancer early, and being in good physical and mental health, for enabling me to recover from surgery quickly and tolerate the chemotherapy.

I encourage you to share this site with all the women (and men!) you know who may benefit from the information found here.  I hope you visit this blog often for a source of information and inspiration!

My Services

In-Home Recovery Fitness

Exercising after surgery, or during radiation or chemotherapy, can seem incredibly daunting.  You may not know how to begin; you may feel uncomfortable going to a public facility if you have lost your hair; you may not have the energy to leave the house some days; you may need to avoid public facilities if your immune system is compromised.  In addition, depending on the type of surgery you had, and reconstruction, if any, the approach to recovery exercise will vary. 

I am an ACSM certified Cancer Exercise Trainer and Pink Ribbon Program certified breast cancer exercise specialist. Proper exercise helps regain flexibility, range of motion, and strength in the upper body following mastectomy, and/or reconstructive surgery.  If you are currently dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis or treatment, and live in the Coachella Valley, please contact me for personalized, private, in-home fitness recovery sessions.

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